Recover & Restore Deleted Messages from iCloud and Bonus Tools

iCloud is Apple's cloud-based storage feature that allows users to securely back up their data, including messages, on their iOS devices. If you accidentally delete or lose essential messages from your iPhone or iPad, restoring them from an iCloud backup can be a lifesaver. The step-by-step guide to restoring messages from iCloud will ensure that your valuable conversations are recovered efficiently and safely.

Restaurar mensajes desde iCloud

Part 1. Get Old Messages from iCloud - iCloud Backup and Recovery

For starters who are not familiar with iCloud feature for backup, you can read this step-by-step tutorial to activate and utilize your iCloud backup to recover deleted messages from iCloud.

Ensure iCloud Backup is Enabled

Before you can restore messages from iCloud, it's crucial to ensure that iCloud backup is enabled on your iPhone or iPad. Follow these steps to check if iCloud backup is turned on:

Move to Settings on your Apple devices.

Paso 1:
Haga clic en el ID de apple banner en la parte superior de la pantalla.
Paso 2:
Seleccione iCloud y desplácese hacia abajo en la lista para encontrar icloud de copia de seguridad. Asegúrese de que el interruptor de palanca esté encendido.
Paso 3:
Pulsa para buscar Copia ahora to initiate an immediate backup if you haven't backed up your device recently.
icloud de copia de seguridad

solicite access iCloud on PC as well to complete the setup.

Restaurar mensajes desde iCloud

Once you have ensured that iCloud backup is enabled and you have created a recent backup of your device, you can now proceed to restore messages from iCloud.

Remember that restoring from an iCloud backup will replace your current data with the data from the selected backup. To restore messages from iCloud, follow these steps:

Reset Your Device:

Before you can restore messages from iCloud, you need to reset your iPhone or iPad to its factory settings. This process erases all content and settings on your device, preparing it for restoration. Here's how to reset your device:

Paso 1:
Abra la Ajustes aplicación y toque General.
Paso 2:
Scroll down to enter Transferir o reiniciar iPhone (o Restablecer configuración for older versions).
Paso 3:
Elija Borrar contenidos y ajustes and fill in your passcode if prompted.
Paso 4:
Confirm the reset and wait till your iPhone or iPad starts rebooting.
Reset Erase iPhone

También puede obtener contactos de iCloud using familiar methods shown above.

See My Messages on iCloud:

Paso 1:
Once your device is reset, the Setup Assistant will lead you through the initial setup process. Just follow the on-screen tips until you reach the Aplicaciones y Datos de la pantalla
Paso 2:
On the Apps & Data screen, select Restaurar desde iCloud Backup.
Paso 3:
Sign in with your Apple ID and password. Please make sure to use the same Apple ID associated with the iCloud backup containing your messages.
Paso 4:
After signing in, you will see a list of available iCloud backups. Go on with the most recent backup that contains the messages you want to restore.
Paso 5:
The restoration process will begin, and your device will download and apply the selected backups. This may take a while, depending on the backup size and your internet connection speed.
Paso 6:
Once the restoration is complete, your iOS device will restart, and the Setup Assistant will help you with the setup steps.
Restaurar desde iCloud Backup

Alternative Methods to Recover Deleted Messages

If you don't have an iCloud backup containing the messages you want to recover, or if the iCloud backup doesn't include the desired messages, you may consider alternative methods to retrieve deleted messages.

Before you jump to device resetting, you can refer to the following methods as alternatives.

Paso 1:
Comprobar carpeta eliminada recientemente

The Messages app on iOS devices has a local Carpeta eliminada recientemente, where deleted messages are temporarily stored for 30 days.

You can open the Messages app, tap Editar in the top-left corner, and select the messages you want to recover. Tap Recuperar to restore them to their original location.

Recuperar mensaje
Paso 2:
Use Third-Party Recovery Software

There are third-party data recovery tools available that can help retrieve deleted messages from your iPhone. These tools can recover deleted messages directly from your device or from iTunes backups. You can make full use of the reliable tool in the following part, even to recover deleted text messages without iCloud.

Paso 3:
Póngase en contacto con Apple Support

If you've exhausted all options and still can't recover your messages, consider reaching out to Apple Support for assistance. They may be able to provide additional guidance or offer other solutions.

Part 2. Restore Messages without iCloud - Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery

FoneLab iPhone de recuperación de datos is your trusted solution for seamlessly recovering messages from your iPhone without the need for iCloud backup. Whether you've accidentally deleted messages, encountered a system crash, or lost data due to other unforeseen circumstances, FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery is here to rescue your valuable messages.

With user-friendly software, you can effortlessly retrieve lost text messages, iMessages, and even attachments directly from your iPhone, without relying on iCloud. Experience peace of mind and regain access to your cherished messages with FoneLab's powerful and reliable recovery capabilities. Your digital conversations are just a click away.

Recuperación de datos iPhone


FoneLab iPhone de recuperación de datos

  • Recupere datos de iPhone perdidos/eliminados desde dispositivos iOS, iTunes y copia de seguridad de iCloud.
  • Recupere toda la información importante de iPhones dañados por el agua, estrellados, rotos o atascados.
  • Admite más de 35 tipos de datos, incluidos iMessage, WhatsApp, Kik, Line, Viber, Messenger, etc.
  • Mantenga todos los datos e información originales sin pérdidas ni retrasos.
  • Compatible con los últimos Windows 11 y macOS Ventura.
Paso 1:
Download and install Fonelab iPhone Data Recovery based on your devices. Enter Recuperarse del dispositivo iOS, and follow the instructions to connect two devices.

Luego haz clic en Iniciar escaneado botón para iniciar el escaneo.

Iniciar escaneado
Paso 2:
Select the data you want without using an Apple ID. Tap the target file under individual category and preview it.
Vista previa de la foto
Paso 3:
After you select the data, click the Recuperar button. Now you can check all wanted information on your desktop.

Bonus: Tips and Considerations for Message Recovery

1. Sea paciente: The restoration process can take some time, especially if you have a large backup. Ensure that your device is connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network and has sufficient battery or is plugged into a power source during the restore.

2. Select the Correct Backup: When choosing the backup to restore from, make sure it's the one that contains the messages you want to recover. Double-check the date and time of the backup to avoid restoring from an outdated one.

3. Conexión de red: A stable and fast internet connection will be of great help during the restoration process. If the internet connection works slowly or intermittently, the restore process may be prolonged or interrupted.

4. Temporary Data Loss: After the restoration is complete, your device will have the same data as the selected backup. This means that any data not included in the backup will be temporarily lost. Ensure you have a recent backup of your device before proceeding.

5. Avoid Disruptions: Once the restoration process begins, avoid interrupting it by restarting your device or turning it off. Disruptions could lead to incomplete or corrupted restoration.

Part 3. FAQs of Recovering iPhone Message

How to restore messages from iCloud without resetting?

Si vas con Restaurar desde iCloud Backup, all the content and settings will be erased from your iPhone. So you can enter Recuperarse de la copia de seguridad de iCloud on FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery and restore your messages without resetting your iPhone.

How to find deleted text messages on iCloud?

You can check and recover the deleted text messages via iCloud official website( ahd sign in with the same Apple ID on your iPhone. Visit Mensajes de texto and you will see the deleted one.

Can I recover deleted text messages on iPhone without iCloud?

Sure. FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery provides you with selective modes to recover deleted data, including text messages, photos, videos and more from iOS devices, iTunes or iCloud.

Para Concluir

With iCloud backup, you have a reliable solution to restore them. Before restoring messages from iCloud, ensure that iCloud backup is enabled and create a fresh backup of your device to avoid any potential data loss. The restoration process involves resetting your device to its factory settings and selecting the desired iCloud backup during the setup process. Be patient during the restoration, and make sure to choose the correct backup that contains the messages you want to recover. If iCloud backup doesn't include the messages you need, explore alternative methods like checking the Recently Deleted folder or using third-party recovery software. With proper preparation and the right steps, you can successfully restore messages from iCloud and retrieve valuable conversations on your iOS device.

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