Guide to Perfectly Remove Background Noise from Audio Recording Like a Pro

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Everyone loves to record their voices for note-taking, singing, and voice-overs. Yet, there are unfortunate times when your recorded audio gets background noises. Removing this type of noise isn't difficult, even if you aren't a professional audio editor. A solution has already been posted online, but some are outdated. So, if you want to remove background noise from audio recording this year, read this article because we will teach you how.

Remove Background Noise from Audio Recording

Part 1. Why Remove Background Noise from Audio Recording

Everyone loves to have a crystal clear audio recording, so it is essential to improve the audio quality of the recording. But thru that improvement of audio, background noises can't be removed; that is why you needed expertise. Some noises that can be generated when recording is environmental, electrical, and static. Even the quality of your audio recording is at best with the highest bitrate and best compression; with these noises, it will become non-sense to improve. For those who want to know how to remove background noise from audio recordings, you must prepare before and after the recording. Read the next part to know more information.

Part 2. Effective Way to Remove Background Noise from Audio Recording

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate has the best option for removing background noises from the audio clip. With this app, you can change the overall settings embedded into the audio track you will put here. If you need to change the audio format, you can use this app since it has the best-converting property in all of the converters on the market. But today, we will teach you how this app's noise-removing function works on the audio record you have saved on your computer.

Paso 1:
Before anything else, ensure your computer has enough space to download this app. After downloading, you must install it promptly and do the quick setup. When everything is settled, you can now launch the app so that we can start the next action.
Paso 2:
Abra la Herramientas y localiza Removedor de ruido. It is a new feature recently added to this app; in case you have this but don't have that feature, you will need to update the app.
Launch Noise Remover
Paso 3:
On the next window, tap the y también icon to import the audio recording you performed earlier.
Agregar pista de audio
Paso 4:
When it is uploaded, click the estuche for Noise Remover. Instances may occur that you need to boost up the audio so that the sound will become even better. You can arrastra el control deslizante for the Volume Boost.
Noise Reduction and Boost
Paso 5:
Select the audio format based on your preference and click the Exportar button to save the edited audio clip on your computer. When the exporting is finished, you can check out the audio clip on the location where it is saved.
Export Audio Clip

Part 3. 2 Ways to Avoid Audio Noises Before Recording

In this part, we will go to introduce to you the best things you need to do before you start recording an audio clip. So, if you want to start a podcast or something similar that requires you to record audio, read the information we have added below to know the things to set up.

1. Purchase a Microphone with Noise Cancelation Feature

You should purchase a noise-cancelation microphone if you want a clean-up audio recording. With this device, your voice will have better clarity and automatically eliminate all the background noises it can catch while you are recording. Does setting it up difficult? You don't need to set it up because this feature is built inside the microphone, so you only need to plug it in and start recording. If you decide to purchase, we have an unarranged list of microphones you can purchase for your recording needs.

2. Use the Best Audio Recording App on Windows and Mac

If the microphone can't cancel all the noises, you need an app to clean up the audio recording before you start. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the best application that offers microphone noise cancellation and enhancement that you can use to have the clarity and improved audio recording you will ever need. With the noise-cancellation microphone, you will no longer have any more noise signals added to your recording. Wondering how to use this app? Well, you can follow the steps here.

Paso 1:
Before anything else, ensure your computer has enough space to download this app. After downloading, you must install it promptly and do the quick setup. When everything is settled, you can now launch the app so that we can start the next action.
Paso 2:
Next, is to select the Grabadora de audio option from the welcoming toolbar that will appear.
Grabador de audio abierto
Paso 3:
Activate the Microphone, and click the desplegable button. Tap the microphone noise cancellation to activate that feature this app supports.
Activate Mic and Noise Cancellation
Paso 4:
When you have set that up, click the REC button to start the audio recording with this app.
Iniciar grabación de audio
Paso 5:
Complete recording? Click the cuadrado button to stop the recording, play it back, and when you are satisfied, click the Exportar para guardar la salida final.
Save Recorded Auido File

Part 4. FAQs on How to Remove Background Noises from Audio Recording

Can I use noise cancellation recording on my iPhone?

You can use some devices to plug in your iPhone to record your voice without background noises. Without it, you can still easily grabar audio en iPhone with the built-in recorder, then process it into the Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate to remove the noises.

What is the best way to record audio without background noises?

You can go into a quiet place before you start the recording. Instead of purchasing high-end equipment, you can go to a no-noise place to concentrate on the audio recording needed for your project or work.

Can I both record my voice and system sound while singing?

Indeed, you can do it with the help of the music voice recorder available on your platform. It would be better if you pick a third-party application to do the recording instead of relying on the built-in because it offers more than it.


After reading this post, you can get all the needed ways to remove static from audio recordings. Whether you need it for your project or any purpose, it is important to take note of all the information we have added here so that you wouldn't have a noisy audio recording again. Be prepared and enjoy the recording to your heart's extent with the helpful tips here. If you have any better recommendations to be added to this topic, we highly appreciate it if you share that information with us!

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